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CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingCNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery Manufacturing

Since 1978, Ellery Manufacturing has been providing custom machining, fabrication and project management services for major industrial customers and leading edge engineering firms. Our firm produces work for a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, liquid natural gas, energy (wind, solar and hydro), mining, forestry, construction & marine.

Why Choose Ellery?

CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingCapacity and technicians to handle a wide range of work from large custom jobs to critical components.
CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingAble to meet the most demanding finish and tolerance requirements.
CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingAccess to the latest in CAD software and resource planning systems.
CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingProven ability to meet numerous quality levels including ABS, DNV, API and Lloyds .
CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingAll work is fully traceable and meets the highest standards for quality assurance and documentation.

CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingEllery Manufacturing is Controlled Goods Certified.

    CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery Manufacturing - Components - Mauna Kea TelescopeCNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingSpecialty Components

Ellery Manufacturing works with leading engineering firms to manufacture custom, critical components. Examples include precision machined parts for major amusement park attractions located in the United States, China, Middle East & Europe. Ellery also produced components that became part of the turning mechanism used for the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope located in Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery Manufacturing - Oil and Gas Rig CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingIndustrial Parts

Our firm specializes in producing large, custom industrial parts for heavy industry. Ellery produces entire new part assemblies and we are often called upon to provide repair / refurbishing work on existing components. Examples include large drawworks parts ( winch drums, gearboxes, housings ) for off shore oil rigs & land based drilling operations in addition to rotor bowls and hopper assemblies for use in mining.
CNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery Manufacturing - Construction - Lions Gate BridgeCNC Machining Fabrication - Ellery ManufacturingConstruction

Ellery is often contracted to produce parts for major construction projects. One such project required our firm to produce components for the Lion's Gate Bridge seismic upgrade in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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